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Sightseeing in Seoul

Sightseeing in Seoul

The South Korean capital, Seoul, is often an unknown to most Western tourists and is an area that offers many possibilities to visitors, which makes sense in a city of about ten million inhabitants.

This great city combines modern architecture with large buildings and infrastructure of more developed countries, along with remnants of past cultures. They cross the river, you should visit in autumn or spring away from the stifling heat of summer.

Tourists can visit the Big Five Palaces, street shops Myeong-dong, Namdaemun Market, enjoy the nightlife of Itaewon district or visit the National Museum of Korea among other alternatives.

If you want to enjoy shopping, can not stop going to the Coex Mall, a retail area of ??119,000 ?. If, however, want more contact with nature can take advantage of being in a city with many parks filled with trees that are a true heart for this great mass of people.

This collection of images will show some of the spectacular corner of Seoul.

Sightseeing in Seoul

Sightseeing in Seoul

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